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Pioneers of regenerative value. 

Why Harakeke?



Harakeke is a 100% regenerative crop. Native to New Zealand, it has evolved to withstand the harsh winds that our mountains and coasts are known for.



The harakeke resource ties into existing farming systems like sheep, beef and dairy. It grows on land otherwise not suitable for farming.



Harakeke leaves contain highly stiff, strong and long fibres. This is what keeps harakeke standing through anything nature throws at it.


Creating an Industry.

The harakeke industry was once a major industry, and it will be again. Now, we are building a new harakeke industry to solve global problems.


Being a Grower

Being a KiwiFibre grower involves harvesting 

harakeke leaves to supply KiwiFibre, while

growing and improving your resource.

This is a great opportunity to create value through a regenerative crop, and is easily integrated into existing farm systems. It does not replace food crops or other food production.

Download "Being a Grower" below to read more.

Meet our Growers

"I always knew harakeke would be used again, so it's great to see it getting
planted more.”

Clem - Fishermans Point, Canterbury

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